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Churtle=(verb), to act passively like a turtle then reasonably agress like a cheetah, to churdle is to act with ultimate reason and stragety. Ex:This customer is about to make me churtle!=I was being nice, but now I have to properly tell this fool his place.

Churtlebeast=(noun), a beast who has mastered the art of churtling. This beast is 75% cheetah and 25% turtle.Ex:Damn, Im a churtlebeast!= My brave reason astounds myself!

Froppy=(adjective), a Dame-level lady who is Fun, Reasonable, Orally hygenic, Passionate, Playful, and knows how to fix up some Yumyums. Ex:Damn, she's pretty froppy=I want to marry that woman.

Gork=(noun),that which is extremely nosy and lacking understanding of respect;(verb), To deeply pry into someone else's business, physically or verbally. Ex:Thou art a Gork Commander=You are one of the nosiest people i've met in my life.

Shadowgork=(noun), a sneaky gork who hides his presence in your shadow until his/her nose makes it's final lunge; (verb) to be extremely nosy in an assassin-sneaky form.Ex:Man, I got shadowgorked= I didn't notice until it was too late, that my privacy was being violated.

WAYT=(command), Why Are You Talking?!Ex:WAYT!=Shut the hell up and walk away.(run, if you feel like it)
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