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NIGSTORY LESSON - Refined Truth — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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NIGSTORY LESSON [Mar. 1st, 2006|09:26 am]
[My Face |indescribable]

I poetically speak my views,
With heart and soul just like Langston Hughes,
Apparantly it's greatly overdue,
Because I'm still wondering if you knew,
Of this negative word hate-mongers have threw at you,
Remember all the bad things your grandparents went through,
Canines, firehoses, and the black and blue,
False violence versus the strong marching true,
American Exodus!, our spirits renew,
Rosa, Martin, and Malcolm, just to name a few,
Being dictated like we can't even think,
Backdoor service and a separate sink,
Finding freedom in only the darkness of a single blink,
But that's not the beginning of the chain, just a random link,
Travel back to when Colombus made the most famous mistake,
Few boatloads later, we stretching muscles til the tendons break,
DON'T STOP PICKING, BOY!...for cotton's sake,
Can't wear rags like us, there' shirts to make,
Even after Eli Whitney created the gin,
Still horseback overseeing the sweat of our men,
Up about four in the morning, broke down around ten,
Eating overspiced weeds and chitlins out the pigpen,
Kids doing man labor while master's boys hide n' seekin',
No one EVER cared about us!, not even Honest Abe Lincoln,
Should have been called Emancipation Exclamation because he was mad when he said it!,
Five hundred years of free labor, National Deficit aside, America is indebted,
Extra, Extra, Newsflash headline, read all about it, tears and split wigs when they read it,
Don't know why, I've heard of no interest until New Years but half a century on credit!,
And theres quite a bit more, like all those dark-skinned soldiers in the Civil War,
How can it be ignored?, at the Genesis of this nation we were the core,
But some of them still think we should eat off the floor,
Nowadays, we could be the ones that own the store,
Three fifths no more, I'm a full human being,
Ah, thank you White Man, what a wonderful thing,
Star-Spangled Banner is what I should sing,
Jim Crow is dead, but wait!...so is the King,
Civil Rights made one ferociously strong move, now its just on the shelves,
Meanwhile our confused children use master's negativity amongst themselves,
Free!, but poor, mininum wage almost equal to that of a slave,
Easily fired and replaced so please don't misbehave,
In your heart, occasionally visit MLK's grave,
His solid dream'll keep you strong so your chest doesn't cave,
Once hidden core, now open in society,
Take a look outside, notice the variety,
Door' open so step out and work on your goals, image, and piety,
Everyone has some kind of opportunity, don't lie to me,
So stop all the nonsense hoe, bitch, and n-word talk,
Pull up your pants and walk away from that sinward walk,
Don't betray my word like Peter, I'll cry three times with the cock,
Today is the day you do more than stand and yell on the block,
If you still say 'WZUP, nigga" even after hearing this reasonable rhyme,
I can only reply "Unfortunately not you, please RISE up and see me some time.".

From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-01 05:54 pm (UTC)
pls see HTTP://npublici.blogspot.com
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[User Picture]From: damethecomedian
2006-03-01 10:00 pm (UTC)

A brain's breath

good work...Kuroshin, you should check his blog as well. Reason does exist.
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From: blkshin
2006-03-02 02:53 am (UTC)

Forgotten art captivating ideas

I'm sort of speechless from reading it. I'm having a hard time just writing something of praise for something so moving and true to life. I admire the medium, yet despise the reality. It's truly the message of our times...and sadly, our generation will probably never truly understand it until it's too late making it a message that will descend through time. The seed of decay has already taken root threatening to exist within youthful minds forever. I believe it will probably continue on until a force great enough revokes it. The NAACP needs to start a coalition against the degradation of the ideologies millions have fought for. There needs to be more media influence and opposition against the "black image" portrayed today. A culture shock which needs to put to rest that to survive you need to live your life as a criminal, and full of sin. I can't see it ever ending until the media industry can realize the damage they do instead of the money in their pockets. The chains we face today are next to nothing compared to the suffering of those before us. To allow what goes on in our times is a slap in the face to everyone who fought so diligently to give us a taste of equality. The door is open, let us walk through with our head high.
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[User Picture]From: damethecomedian
2006-03-03 05:46 pm (UTC)
"degradation of the ideologies millions have fought for"
Damn, that was knowledge talking. Have you been tivo-ing Cornel West lectures?
Unfornately, it is very true that a lot of youth are raised by studio productions instead of the ones which produced them. One could make up any nonsense word and put it to a fun beat and a week later, 70%+ black youth are saying in the middle of history class(though these teachings are euphomistic[sp] perception). To be honest with you, What the hell does the NAACP do? Isn't affirmitive action over? Award ceremonies don't mean much. AND what do the C stand for...how about NAAP. Colored is what the segregation signs used to say. But on a positive note, they do try to fund schooling of less fortunate individuals. BUT since this is the land of opportunity shouldn't America be funding more opportunities instead of letting uneducated governors raise tuition...o, the Collateral Damage!

Not being educated or influenced to learn is the root of widespread stupidity. Knowledge is light. In the absence of light, there can only be darkness(ignorance of the world past, present, and future).

But back to the n-word point. All racial slurs were born doing some war the conquesting white man was in. Never would have heard the term "Jap" if there wasn't WWII. I'm unsure if "chink" was coined in a war or when Chinese were "helping" build the railroads in the midwest. I also am not sure about the originally use of "wetback" but I JUST KNOW A WHITE MAN SAID IT during some political/ecological disagreement...those creative little devils. I think the indians died to quick to get a racial slur...lucky them. With all this said, I have never heard a mexican call another mexican, wetback and likewise with the other preceding examples. Oddly enough, I've heard them all call eachother the n-word.

Punctuation Today
.=period-used to note end of sentence or idea
?=question mark-used to note an inquiry
!=exclamation point-used to note a statement of of loud or strong emotion.
nigga=nigga-used to note the fact that a dumbass is speaking.

Don't know when they added that last one. Perhaps, I'm the one who's ignorant.

NIGGAS AREN'T ALLOWED IN THE PROMISED LAND...MLK died in the sixties, our forty years in the wilderness should be over about now. I'm going to make sure I get my milk and honey.

...and I don't even like honey.
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