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Sorry, Lo Siento, Gomensai! - Refined Truth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sorry, Lo Siento, Gomensai! [Apr. 24th, 2006|01:07 pm]
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Because of the recent xeroxing of my LJ onto some dumbass' Myspace, (without even an apology or wanted investigation)I have locked the majority of my old, and will lock all my future posts so only freinds can see it. If you are a friend of a friend who has been reading my LJ you may make an account and email me your username and name of mutual friend. If you are unconnected to me even indirectly, then you must make an account and send me your username, age, and a paragraph stating why you wish to view my LJ. You must use proper grammer and if you are under the age of 20 you will not be granted access. My randoms are just too raw, my children. The more thorough the paragraph, the more likely you will gain access.


upcoming journals: Random Thoughts X(a special with more randomness than ever) and the nationality of Jesus.

Later, Chao, Jane!

[User Picture]From: damethecomedian
2006-04-26 03:42 pm (UTC)

still no apology

...like there's nothing wrong with stealing.
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