February 13th, 2006



I want to work at Hooters. I'd be a hoot! Big black owl on my crotch just waiting for a tree to perch in.
An apple is a warlord's ideal fruit, ferociously pillage it's resources and toss its raped core. I wonder if Africa is still red and delicious.
Apparently, porn is like a sport, you love to watch and cheer your team on "Shoot it!", but probably rather be playing, yourself.
I believe most people only masturbate because they have nothing better to do, no hobbies. If I didn't play video games I probably would have dehydrated myself plenty of times. Unfortunately, video games are starting to bore me...better call the Avon Lady!
Khaki pants are bad either! BestBuy really does have the best ^_^how bout that customer service. huh,huh..o yeah!
I love an asian girl with some ricecake on her.
My penis is semi-automatic? Two sips always on back-up.
Imagine if "got milk?" commercials were turned into porn ads.
I'm back suckas.....and angrier than ever.
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