February 22nd, 2006


Things you shouldn't EVER do

Use an urinal next one currently in use.
Shake a gay man's hand.
Wear sagging pants and yell in public places.
Pass up on a pretty-faced blowjob.
Tell someone of the opposite sex that you "have/got to pee!"
Use a condom twice.
Trust a caucasian president not surnamed Kennedy.
Play video games ALL day.
Say "I'm sorry" when you're 100% sure you caused no problem.
Ask someone how they are doing when you really don't care.
Work at Mervyn's.
Click on a pop-up.
Enter a man's house and look in his kitchen.
Punch a wall.
Appear on Survivor.
Stalk people.
Have your thong showing in a non-beach area.
Wear a push-up a-cup. What's to push up?
Forget to watch an episode of Boondocks.
Fight a ninja.
Knock on your neighbor's door when there's no fire.
Laugh after every sentence you speak.
Do what a customer tells you to do.
Lie to someone you know on a personal level.
Put a bill in someone else's name.
Look a gork in the eye.
Pass up the chance to spectate a full pair of black pants.
Date a race you've never befriended.
Repeat things you've heard in a rap song.
Drop a cheez-it on the floor or carpet.
Pay for bottled water.
Borrow things and pretend thier yours...a.k.a. don't treat friends like your local Blockbuster.
Imitate Lil' Jon. Okay....
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