April 17th, 2006


MySpace...not yours

tsk tsk
I've been notified by..well..an anonymous person that My LJ is being transfered to someone ELSE's MySpace(as in not me...and certainly not a friend; my friends aren't stupid). Sniff, Sniff, the strong aroma of retardedness suddenly jumps into my nostrils. I obviously have the choice to make a stupid MySpace BUT that would be retarded(Gosh, I'm being negative and I don't think I'm joking this time). MySpace is the petty junior high of the internet where everyone wants to be liked by everybody...well isn't that just cute and peaceful....AND immmature as a hairless testicle! The weak self esteems of thousands(I really don't want to say millions) of kids posting "cool" pics of themselves and blogs about the party they went to last friday. Dame is not a fucking(oooo...don't use that word much) commercial. If your show aka your MySpace is shitty and lonely don't try and spice it up my LJ. Let's see....have I included enough curse words...NO...so let's continue this rant a bit. Image going into a stadium of people and asking all of them to be your friend...wouldn't you think that person is crazy or something. That is what Myspace is all about. PSUEDO-ASS-FRIENDS...empty ass people with some sort of social disparity. Is this mean...hateful...not everyone on MySpace is a dumb attention-greedy whore or a guy who works out just so he can post shirtless pics of himself...there are few things that are 100%...so what!.

BY THE WAY...you may have a difference of opinion...on this matter I don't care. Any comments against what I have just said that lack any sound reasoning or logic will be Verbally Smashed and rearranged into an example why I don't MySpace.

Fucking Morons!

(I wonder if I'll censor this later...nan!)
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